Welcome to CNCPT CO. This is not just a clothing brand. This is a lifestyle.


The idea behind CNCPT CO. is to stitch together concepts of different designs/brands together with our own twist to create new, refreshing, collections each season. With each collection, there is always a story. A story that will relate to many of us that have gone through obstacles throughout our lives that have molded us into the unique individuals we are today. This is much more than a piece of apparel with a beautiful design. This is a statement.


Now… let me tell you a little about myself. I am currently a full-time independent personal trainer. Has it been going well? Yes and No. I am still new to the independent personal training world and I have a lot yet to learn. Each month is always a new struggle. From having too many clients one month, to having only a handful the next without stability and living in the fear of “am I going to make it through this month?” is something I consistently face. So, I decided to put my heart into another business that I have a passion for alongside my love for personal training. Fashion has always caught my attention. I have wanted to introduce my own line and have people wear something I have made with pride, but, life has thrown many obstacles at me that disheartened me to ever pursue that dream… until now.


This is a message to my future self:

With all the hard work that has gone into this brand, you will look back at this moment and realize that taking this leap was one of the most peaceful decisions you have ever made. Remember the hardships that you had to face to get to this exact point. Constantly keep growing, learning, and most importantly, building a strong community and supporting those around you no matter what. Stay true to yourself.


My name is Hamza, Founder and CEO of CNCPT CO. and this… is my story.